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2020 Nationals

The Road to Salt Lake City!!!

Our Mission -

" Promote the teaching of target archery as part of the in-school curriculum to improve educational performance of students and provide an alternative for both individual and team competition. "

Prosper Archery Booster Club

The goal of any school sport, club, or program should be to provide a positive environment for the student and challenge the student to greater personal and group achievements, supplementing his/her education. The result should be in an individual who cannot only perform a sport or activity well, but who also understands the tenants of societal expectations - respect for people, quality of performance, spirit of challenge, and helping others. In Prosper Archery, we're an elite group who believes this and lives by this. We Challenge What's Possible.

Our vision -

"Challenge What's Possible" as an individual and team member. Strive for continuous improvement of mental, physical, and emotional capabilities to improve yourself and, in turn, your team.

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Prosper Archery Booster Club